From the fast lane of European Formula One Grand Prix to the meditative stillness of the Blue Mountains near Sydney.

I was born in Normandy, France, and studied at l’École des Beaux Arts. A few years later in Paris I worked as a freelance photographer on the Grand Prix circuits.

I have exhibited in France, the USA and Australia, with fifteen solo exhibitions so far. I have participated in numerous group shows and over the years my paintings have been selected in numerous art prizes. In 1994 I graduated with a BA in Visual Arts from UWS Nepean, Sydney.

Until recently my art practice was for the most part conceptual, my affinity for Asian philosophy and aesthetics mixed in with a Western European contemporary sensibility and my connection to the Australian land.

Currently my art practice is in a state of flux and I don’t really know where it’s going to take me. But I started painting an idea of mine, imagining friendships between visual artists of different periods, past and present, from different countries and of different genders, all mixed together. My first series is called “Mondrianesque Folie” and the other “Matisse Paging Gascoigne”.

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